Alum Informatics

ALUM Informatics is an international company created in UAE. We offer the latest IT services and solutions. We select the most experienced developers that are chosen by our management for their professionalism and seriousness. Our specialized staff is able to ensure optimum distribution and management of the products/services through the Internet e-commerce.


Refund Policy

Alum Informatics / Refund Policy

We thank you for visiting our website. We want you to feel comfortable about buying products and/or services with ALUM SOFTWARE TRADING

Due to the nature of the e-commerce ALUM site and the accessibility of the majority of our products/ services immediately upon purchase, there is a strict 14-day return policy, which begins on the date of purchase.

ALUM SOFTWARE TRADING is committed to providing each customer with exceptional service. Should you have a request for a refund, or any other customer support related question, please contact Customer Support at [email protected]