Alum Informatics

ALUM Informatics is an international company created in UAE. We offer the latest IT services and solutions. We select the most experienced developers that are chosen by our management for their professionalism and seriousness. Our specialized staff is able to ensure optimum distribution and management of the products/services through the Internet e-commerce.





Why you need a website?

Reaching a Wider Audience

Anywhere & Anytime

Easy Access To Business Information

Publicity & Advertising

Securing Your Brand Online

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IT development

Get your business online with a website well designed by Alum informatics.

We suggest the following types of websites:

A private sites type

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Your project management


It is the most sensitive phase, which requires constant interaction with the client, leading to a satisfactory solution.


Our technicians can create multilingual websites and are developed according to customer needs.

The maintenance and management

ALUM is able to provide ongoing support for site management and continuous updating of information, to eliminate the risk of obsolescence.


Fast Support

We provide technical and assistant support 24 hours & 7 days a week

Fully Responsive

Our main objective is to satisfy our customers and respond to their requests by providing high quality, reliable service at reasonable prices.

Free Updates

We update servers periodically and we provide high-quality protection for our customers.

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